Mountain Biking & Kayaking Pioneer Expedition

Pioneer boating on Expedition trip
Mountain bikes
Pioneer biking on an Expedition trip


Mountain Biking & Kayaking Expedition Details

Master the exploration of rivers, waterfalls, and trails on the Mountain Biking & Kayaking Expedition. Pioneers on this Expedition learn the basics of boating in Camp Kanuga’s flat water lake before taking to the rapids of the Green River. Then move to mountain tops, biking through the extensive trails of DuPont State Forest. Finally, they’ll have fun exploring a waterfall through a guided waterfall trek. Camp Kanuga’s Adventure Outpost will serve as home-base for these Pioneers, bringing their adventures home to share with their residential camp family.

Rising Grades
6 Days
Jun 14-19
Jun 28-Jul 3
Jul 12-17
Jul 26-31

The Great Takeaways

What You’ll Gain

  • Personal growth
  • Adventure
  • Developing responsibility
  • A safe introduction into adventure travel experiences
  • Entry level adventure accessible for any youth (no backpacking)
  • New friends
  • Old friendships deepened
  • Great photo opportunities
Pioneer boating on Expedition trip

What They Learned

  • Bike safety, care, and maintenance
  • Mountain bike skills
  • Boat safety, care, and maintenance
  • Kayaking skills
  • Minimal impact “Leave-No-Trace” camping philosophy
  • Map and compass skills
  • Team work
  • Cooking on a camp stove or over an open fire
  • Outdoor living skills
  • Learning adaptability
Pioneer boating on Expedition trip
Pioneer boating on Expedition trip
Pioneer biking over an obstacle on an Expedition trip
Pioneer boating on Expedition trip
Pioneer boating on Expedition trip

Sample Schedule

*Schedules subject to change
Sunday Check in / Opening Ceremony

Monday Waterfall Trek


Mountain Bike DuPont Pump Track & Trails


Mountain Bike DuPont Forest Trails


Kayaking Green River


Closing Ceremony / Check Out