Day Camp Resources

Camp Kanuga Local Day Camps are a great way to introduce children to the summer camp experience. Our goal is to introduce new campers to Camp Kanuga by offering fun and safe youth programming options. We offer creative and educational activities that allow campers to engage with their community and make new friends.

All activities are designed specifically for campers ages 5–11 and conducted on-site. Adventure Day campers (ages 12 – 15,) enjoy a number of exciting activities such as rafting, zip lining and much more!

*Resources for programming will be published by January  1, 2022*


Packing Lists & Forms

2020 Parent Handbook

Parent Handbook coming soon

Packing List

Packing list coming soon

Parent Information

Daily Check-in and check-out

Check-In and CK Wavier
On the first day of camp please turn in completed Check-In and CK Wavier to the camp staff. Every day after that the parent/guardian will need to sign in the camper at the check-in desk.

What to Bring

  • Day Pack
  • Water bottle
  • Tennis shoes or sandals with back strap
  • Swimsuit (one piece only)
  • Sunscreen & towel
  • Rain jacket

Other items may be needed for specific days, but we will provide information for this throughout the week.

Lunch at Hendersonville Day Camps
If you attend a Day Camp taking place on the campus of Camp Kanuga lunch will be provided.

Lunch at Adventure Days Camps and Local Church Day Camps
You will need to bring a packed lunch.

Camp Kanuga Outfitters (Camp store)

CK Outfitters, located in the camp office building, is where campers may purchase merchandise. Campers DO NOT need to bring cash but will have access to their camp store account.

Add additional funds to your camper’s account by calling the camp coordinator or by stopping by the camp office on Opening Day.

Camp store balances not spent will not be refunded at the end of the sessions and will be considered donations to future camper scholarships.
Campers will have the opportunity to visit the Camp Store 1-2 times per week. Some examples of what we carry in the camp store:

  • CK branded t-shirts, pajama pants, hoodies, caps, bandanas
  • CK Nalgene water bottles
  • CK Crazy Creek Chairs
  • CK Stuffed animals, games
  • CK posters, decals, magnets, playing cards
  • CK wristbands, lanyards, carabineers,
  • CK postcards, pens and pencils and much more…

The camp store will be open to families for purchase on Opening and Closing Day. You will not be able to use your camper’s store balance on Closing Day as those accounts will be closed-out for the session.

You are welcome to purchase items on Opening Day for your camper and simply drop them into the designated mail bins to be delivered to your camper on the day of your choice.

Behavior Expectations and Bullying Policy

Camp Kanuga provides age-appropriate activities for young people to develop Christian community, take on new responsibilities, gain independence and an appreciation of God’s creation, as well as overcome challenges through safe and fun adventure-based programs. The ability to effectively interact in a small group and be a positive member of a community is required. Camp Kanuga’s Expedition team includes 12-13 campers and two to three trip leaders. Participants are expected to effectively interact with others to accomplish community-building goals, establish positive and healthy relationships, work as a team, and maintain emotional resilience. Camp Kanuga facilitates programs under “challenge-by-choice” practices. Please contact the Camp Director for any special situations that might affect your child’s experience while on expedition such as divorce, separation, new location or any mental, emotional or social health issues. The more we know about your camper, the better we will know how to serve and care for them.

Bullying Policy
Camp Kanuga has a zero-tolerance bullying policy. Bullying is the antithesis of the Camp Kanuga spirt. Please speak to your camper about bullying prior to their arrival to camp. Please encourage your camper to communicate any bullying or other negative behaviors to their trip leaders.

Communication Policy

The phone numbers you provide on your campers online account will be used to contact you in case of an emergency, or if your child needs to see a health care provider other than Kanuga’s staff. We generally do not contact you if your camper has routine first aid need (e.g., skinned knee, sore throat, low-grade fever, etc.). The decision to call parents is determined by the Camp Kanuga staff on a case-by-case basis.

Social Media Policy

Concerns over appropriate use of the internet, specifically personal websites, blogs and social networking sites, Kanuga has identified some expectations of our child’s in the off-season when referring to the camp, its programs or activities, its campers, and/or its staff members. If a participant chooses to identify him/herself as a camper at our camp on any website or social media platform, some readers may view the camper as a representative or spokesperson of the camp. Because of this, it is important that campers remain respectful at all times; avoid using gross or profane language; never belittle any other Camp Kanuga participant (staff member or camper); and avoid making references to alcohol, drugs, sexual behavior, bullying or any other behavior prohibited by Camp Kanuga. It is also necessary that each camper understand that photographs are for personal memories only; please do not post pictures/names on the internet of another participant without permission. Kanuga regularly monitors the internet for information pertaining to its programs. If any participant is found to have questionable material displayed on any website, specifically as it relates to the use of the Camp Kanuga name, brand or logo, parents will be notified.

Health Care


All prescription medications must be checked in with the trip leader at the beginning of the expedition. All medicine must be in the original packaging. Medicines will NOT be allowed if they are not in its original packaging. Kanuga’s staff will only follow the directions printed on the original prescription. The Trip Leaders will dispense prescription medications. Campers that brought inhalers or Epi-pens with them are required to have them on their person at all times.


Camp Kanuga is a peanut free campus. When bringing packed lunches and snacks please ensure there are no peanut products.